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Proceso Meditativo OSHO NO MENTE

Te invitamos a vivir un fin de año diferente, participando de un proceso vivo de No Mente
Desde el 25 al 31 de diciembre 
Son siete días consecutivos desde la Navidad al Año Nuevo
Coordina Ma Deva Nataraj
Modalidad ONLINE via ZOOM

Cuando el Gibberish se hace con absoluta pasión, nuestra mente lógica es trascendida hacia la esfera de lo espiritual y misterioso.  Cada persona puede desarrollar la capacidad de ir más allá de sus límites habituales de expresión y estructura cotidiana y desarrollarse en plenitud.

El resultado es mágico… la magia de sentirte más vital, confiado, abierto y centrado a la vez. 

Además, el proceso de meditación NO MENTE realmente nos enseña a meditar en profundidad.

Sumate, cerremos este 2020 especial de una manera diferente. Te esperamos con amor

Días y Horarios: SIETE días consecutivos
Del viernes 25 al jueves 31 de diciembre  
Horarios: de 19 a 21 hs. Salvo el 31 de diciembre, horario especial de 18 a 20 hs.

Martes, Tantranz Medita

Meditaciones Osho y Meditaciones Tantricas, los martes de 19:00 a 20.30h por ZOOM. . Si te interesa ser parte, avísame y te sumamos al grupo de Whatsapp específico para esta actividad.  Hasta fin del 2020 esta actividad es gratuita.
Facilitado por el equipo de Tantranz

Encuentros tántricos para profundizar la relación en cuerpo y alma.
El tantra nos conecta, nos comunica, nos revitaliza, nos ayuda a jugar, a profundizar, a sentir y amar.Te invitamos a participar de esta experiencia transformadora.
Coordina Ma Deva Nataraj y Abhinavagupta

Por Zoom, horario a convenir con cada pareja. Tiempo de duración1.30hs

Sesiones Individuales/Individual Sessions

Desde la escucha activa, Nataraj acompaña a cada persona a tomar consciencia de la íntima relación entre las sensaciones sentidas en el cuerpo, la emoción y el pensamiento. Es una invitación  a digerir e integrar situaciones que se interponen entre nosotros y el amor, que nos demoran en nuestro desarrollo o que nos causan malestar y enfermedad.  Así encontramos paz, solución a los problemas de salud, de relación, salimos del estancamiento y actuamos con mayor claridad y comprensión

Por Zoom con Ma Deva Nataraj.

Listening actively, Nataraj accompanies each person to become aware of the intimate relationship between felt sense, emotion and thought. It is an invitation to digest and integrate situations that interfere with our capacity to love or delay us un our personal development causing anxiety or disease. We may then find peace, a road to solving health issues, relationships or we may be able to move away from stagnation to act more clearly with understanding.

By Zoom with Ma Deva Nataraj.

Utilizando la escucha, la meditación guiada, ejercicios de movimiento, respiración y contacto desde el enfoque Tantranz, acompañamos a las personas a conocerse mejor, dinamizar lo estancado e integrarse con mayor plenitud.
Una oportunidad para todos de explorar, conocerse y disfrutar.

Por Zoom con Ma Deva Nataraj y Abhinavagupta.

Using listening, guided meditation, exercises in movement, breath and contact, Tantranz therapy accompanies people to know themselves better, set in motion whatever is stagnated and integrate masculine and feminine aspects to live more fully.

An opportunity for everybody to explore, relate and enjoy.

Tantranz Massage: An Experience of Love Through Touch

By Ma Deva Nataraj
January –  Four Mondays and Three Thursdays,

Starting on Jan, 4th, ending Jan 25th.

-19:00 – 21:00 UK time.
-16 to 18.hs Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo.
-12.00 to 15.00 Boulder, Co. U.S

Tantranz invites you on a 1 month journey online to explore and experience love through touch. This is a course for couples or friends who would like to explore together to deepen into the art of touching and being touched with awareness, awakening ecstasy and the natural healing potential of our own body. We will meet every Tuesday from 6.30pm – 9pm GMT.

After 4 weeks you will be able to give a good tantric massage.

Tantranz Massage favours the integration between sacred giving and receiving. It eases communication between masculine and feminine aspects of our being, allowing the free circulation of lovingness.

The human body has an electrical potential capable of restoring organic balance. Reich called this potential Orgon. He believed that all diseases exist when this energy flow (which some call Prana or Chi) is interrupted or blocked.
In this Tantra touch training, we begin by dance and awareness of life, body and intimacy. Hence we move into a conscious approach to touch and feeling.
We step out of the realm of the mind – of our concepts, ideas, beliefs – and into the body. Feeling and becoming aware of the intensity of inhabiting our feeling.

Touch is the art of accompanying our capacity to relate to feeling in the body. We will explore the difference between a touch that enables and contains, grounding through touch and also the effleurage that elicits a sense of expansion and electricity.

The intention is both to relax and awaken the natural flow and to learn to communicate, love and trust more through touch.

You’ll learn how to work with many types of touch – from stimulating feather light touch to grounding touches that help the body experience trust, to the sweet connection that comes from the touch of the heart. You’ll complete the week with a repertoire of touch that will allow you to connect with others in real intimacy.

In addition to touch and practice exchanges, we will also explore tools for relating more easily with others, active meditations, sharings, active listening, dance and Tandava (the millenary Tantric meditation / Dance of Shiva)


Participants will learn:
– To root themselves in Presence and connect their touch to the source
– Flow in themselves and around another body with touch
– Release loaded tension and remove stasis by specific contacts of the first body and pressure on energy points
– Use subtle touch at skin level without oil or any additions to activate natural electricity and allow it to flow freely from the base to the crown, producing a sense of expansion and joy
– Integrate this expansion, feeling the totality of our potential in the body and beyond
– Develop awareness of our felt sense and embody in our life
– Improve communication between our inner masculine and feminine aspects and with others
– Give more tools and prowess to therapies involved with sexuality.

Futher details with:
INFORMATION: You can do this course as a couple or friends (it is important that the same two people stay throughout the course together)
LANGUAGE: Taught in English

TO BOOK: Please contact to reserve your place

This training is open for those who have prior experience in modalities connected with bodywork, tantra and sexuality. The space is carefully crafted, lovingly held and goes into a very deep meditative energy. We have ample experience in working with people in a safe and friendly environment.

About the Facilitator – Ma Deva Nataraj
Therapist, Teacher and Researcher in the way of Tantra. Nataraj has been accompanying people to develop their full potential for 36 years. As a therapist Nataraj has been nurtured by very special places and talented teachers around the world, such as the Esalen Institute (California), Osho Multiversity (India), Oasis Escuela de Masaje Californiano (Argentina), Carles Compañ’s “Craneo-Sacral Biodynamic Therapy” (Spain).
Nataraj is also trained in Conscious Dance and Movement, Gestalt Therapy, Californian, Biodynamic, Cranio-Sacral and Tantric Massage, Rebirthing and Somatic Experience.
Currently disciple of Daniel Odier (Kashmirian Tantra) and Homa and Mukto (Tantra Consciousness, Osho Style).
Today Nataraj coordinates Jardin Paraiso, a Tantric Meditation Centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and shares her teaching method, “Tantranz, the movement of love”around the world. (visit

She belongs to the Therapeutic Team of Osheanic International in Brazil.

She is also part of the Therapeutic team “Sostener a los que sostienen” in Buenos Aires, researching with doctors in public hospitals (Hospital de Clinicas, Hospital Argerich) to lessen the consequences of burnout in the medical practice through biodynamic massage therapy