Somatic Integration. 1.30hs.

Nataraj accompanies each person to become aware of the intimate relationship between the felt sense, emotions and thoughts. It is an invitation to let go of unnecessary stress, digest and integrate traumatic experiences and develop our full potential to love and create. During the session you will be listened to, you will be guided to connect with your felt sense, you may be invited to breathe consciously or receive simple touches that align your energy.

Tantranz Therapy Approach (Individual or Couples).  1.30Hs
(Individual or Couples)

Through active listening, guided meditation, movement exercises, breath and contact we accompany people to know themselves better, dynamize whatever is stagnant and be available to live more fully. The tantranz approach invites vitality and relaxation at the same time. It is an opportunity to explore, learn and enjoy.

Individual Tantra Counselling. 1h 15 min..

After more than 30 years of practices, Nataraj combines Tantra, Somatic Experience, focusing and biodynamic touch in a unique Therapy session that follows the patient’s needs. 



Tantranz Massage - 1.30h

An experience of Tantra through touch. This massage involves the whole body. It roots the energy in the body and then through a light touch without oil, it invites the natural flow of electricity to flow and expand, providing a sense of expansion and joy. Depending on the patient, the massage may invite energy points, the movement of the waters in the body, swiftness or extreme slow motion. It is not a genital massage, but it may involve genitality in consensus with the patient and according to the session’s needs.

Californian (Esalen) Massage. 75 min

A full body massage based on long strokes with oil, a great sense of fluidity, relaxation and integration. It works fascia, muscle and bone.

Byodinamic Craneo-Sacral Massage. 1h

A quiet, subtle touch that helps integration of masculine and feminine aspects of our energy, healing, expanding, integrating.

Tantranz Massage teaching for a couple:
Ask for difference between presence and online, times, etc