A Corazón Abierto

Encuentros abiertos de Tantra de 3 horas que se realizan una vez cada dos meses, alterando con La Danza de Shiva y Shakti.

“A Corazon Abierto” nos ayuda a reconocer la circulación energética dentro de nuestro propio cuerpo y a aprender a habitarla, compartirla con otros y así poder confiar más y crear.

Opening the heart, we go to the encounter of breathing, movement, gaze, the circulation of energy through the energy centers (chakras) and its feminine and masculine interaction within and without

Its dynamic is simple: it begins with a brief talk where everyone can also ask their questions. It continues with the experience of activating one's own vital energy through movement and breathing. And it leads us to recognize ourselves from the look and the conscious approach with other human beings.

As the name implies, the purpose is to open the heart in a safe space, where friendliness, play and meditation are the main guides

Como su nombre lo indica, el propósito es abrir el corazón en un espacio seguro, donde la amigabilidad, el juego y la meditación, son las guias principales.

This workshop accompanies each individual to bond with greater capacity and cleanliness, learning to recognize the pillars of the tantric path at the same time.

It can be done many times, because each group gives it a different character. It is a permanent invitation to experience the true Tantra, the path of expanded presence, enjoyment, love and creativity.